Founded in 2014, InStyle Music is the premier independent Canadian music licensing and publishing company. We specialize in providing professional high-quality, one-stop, pre-cleared music for advertising, television, film, trailers, and promos. Trusted by top music supervisors, editors, directors, and producers worldwide, we offer a seamless solution to all media music needs.

Our Mission

At InStyle Music, our mission is to empower creators by delivering exceptional music that enhances their projects. We are dedicated to innovation, integrity, and creativity in every piece of music we provide.

We understand how important finding the right piece of music is for a project. And we’ve built our business around accomplishing just that! How can we help you? Talk to us about your creative direction and we will do the rest. Whether it’s sending you existing music from our catalogues or creating custom music, we will find you what you are looking for!  

InStyle Music works with some of the top independent artists and media composers in our industry. We carefully curate each song and provide creative direction to our composers and producers to achieve the highest quality for our clients. We provide services primarily in Canada, US, and the UK. Elsewhere in the world we are represented by our excellent partners in 28 international territories.

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