Launched in 2014, InStyle Music provides the soundtrack to your favourite Films and TV shows! Trusted by music supervisors, editors, directors, and producers across North America, we provide a no-hassle solution to all music licensing needs.

We understand how important finding the right piece of music is for a project. And we’ve built our business around accomplishing just that! How can we help you? Send us your searches and we will do the rest. Whether it’s from our existing catalogues, a custom request to our team, or via other industry partners, we will find what you are looking for!  

InStyle Music works some of the best artists and media composers in our industry. We handpick each song and instrumental, ensuring great production quality and compatibility for use in various production types. Our catalogues can be made available to you in any form, including:

  • Online Music Portal
  • DISCO, dropbox, etc
  • InStyle Drive
    • Our entire catalogue on a USB drive. Just plug in and make your productions come alive with our music!