Online Catalogue Submission Info

Updated: Sep 9th, 2017

We prefer 24bit 48KHz WAV. But we will accept all WAV formats.
When creating the WAVs do not embed any metadata into them.

For Reality, Advertising, Sports: a minimum length of 1:30 is ideal.
For Documentary, Tension, Drama: a minimum length of 2:00 is ideal.

we strongly encourage that you send alternate versions for each approved song/cue.
The more options we give an editor the more chances of placements we can get out of each composition. We do not need individual track stems. The usable alternate tracks will depend on the video production genre. For most TV, Reality, Lifestyle, Sports, etc:

  • (sting) – 10-15 second impact-full ending of the musical idea.
  • (bass and drums) – just bass and drums. Sometimes perfect under dialogue.
  • (no lead) – Lead melody instrument removed.
  • (bed) – just rhythm section, no leads.
  • (bed no drum) – just rhythm section, no leads, and no drums.
  • (reduced) – simpler arrangement. eg: less instruments, or less percussion.
  • (30 sec) – exactly 30 sec or less using the most impact portion of the composition.
  • (no perc) – a cue without the percussion may have a completely different usable feel.
  • Any other alternate versions you feel may be usable

NOTE For Documentary/ Drama/Tension: a 30 sec alt won’t be very usable. A sting’s usability will depend on how well it works to transition or end a scene. In this genre the editors may be more inclined to use SFX for cutting in an out of scenes if at all.


For songs we only require the vocal version and instrumental version. But with all types, it is always great if the song project is available to export different alt version if requested by a client.

When you submit your files please remove any of your own prefixes and suffixes.  Send them in proper title format (i.e. with the first letter of each word capitalized)
e.g “Make Me Believe.wav”, “Make Me Believe (no lead).wav”.
For alts use the naming convention outlined in the Alternate Versions section above.

Send all files to
Do not zip the files!

Use this form:
For large volume submissions (5+) you may use this spreadsheet
NOTE: Alt tracks do not require metadata submission