– 24bit 48KHz WAV.

Always refer to the brief. But generally:
– Reality, Advertising, Sports: a minimum length of 1:30 is ideal.
– For Documentary, Tension, Drama: a minimum length of 2:00 is ideal.

Alt versions are mandatory!
For vocal songs we require the instrumental version.
For instrumental cues most TV, Reality, Lifestyle, Sports, etc can use:

  • (sting) – 10-15 second impact-full ending of the musical idea.
  • (bass and drums) – just bass and drums. Sometimes perfect under dialogue.
  • (bed) – just rhythm section, no leads.
  • (bed no drum) – just rhythm section, no leads, and no drums.
  • (reduced) – simpler arrangement. eg: less instruments, or less percussion.
  • (30 sec) – Only for music that could be used in an ad or promo.
  • (no perc) – a cue without the percussion may have a completely different usable feel.

NOTE: For Documentary/ Drama/Tension a 30 sec, sting, bed no drum, are not needed.


Note: after joining the submission portal you will only have the option to submit to the General Submissions brief. An admin will give you full access as soon as possible (you will receive an email notification). 

  • Click on Music Submissions
  • Click “New Submission” green button on the top left hand corner
  • Enter Title (VERY IMPORTANT: Enter the title that will be the final title for the track that we will append our prefix to to send to the catalogue and PROs)
  • Choose the Brief you are submitting to
  • Track type (if applicable for the particular brief)
  • Click Select MP3 to browse your computer for the mp3 you are submitting.
  • For vocal songs add the lyrics.
  • Once the MP3 is loaded click “Submit” at the bottom.

At this point the submission will appear on the list and will be ready for our review.
Once we listen we will either Accept/Reject or request Changes. You will receive an email notification with the result.

CHANGES If a change is requested, do not create a new submission. Go to the original submission, click on the edit button, and replace the mp3 with the revised version.


If a submission is accepted you will be asked to complete the next steps:

  • Go to “Track List” on the top menu.
  • The newly accepted track will show as “Awaiting Audio”. You will click on the upload button on the farthest left to upload the main/full WAV.
  • NOTE: 24bit/48K WAV
  • Once you submit the full WAV, next step is to fill out the metadata page, the second button from the left.
  • You will then be asked to confirm the ownership splits by clicking the 4th icon from the left. If you are the only owner of the submission it should already be set to 100% and you simply have to submit.
  • If the new track is a co-write, your co-writers will need accounts on the system, and you will need an administrator to connect the accounts. Once the accounts are connected by the admin you will be able to see other co-writers on the ownership screen and be able to split the percentages accordingly.
  • Next you will be able to add your alt tracks using the 3rd button from the left.
  • Cool Feature: the ability to add additional alt versions is always available even after the track is published.
  • Once the alts section is finished the system automatically notifies the admin for final approval.
  • Once finalized for the catalogue you will receive an email notification.